NH Game Maker's Guild

New Haven Game Makers Guild is a group of tabletop game designers in and around the New Haven Area. We're focused on building a collaborative community of working designers looking to improve their craft and help each other. We organize discussion sessions, workshops, and playtesting events.

Designers and developers of all experience levels are welcome, but be aware that this group is focused on people doing work. Some of us are full time industry professionals, most of us design on the side of our primary careers, and some of us are just interested in taking our first steps into designing games.

We are affiliated with the Game Makers Guild network, based in Boston with other chapters in Philadelphia and Idaho.

Check out our Meetup group for events: https://www.meetup.com/NewHavenGameMakersGuild/


There is no charge for members of Agora, for all others it is $5.